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February 2002
February 27, 2002 Scientology as religious as it gets (link
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Iowa State Daily Tim Kearns
France on the Look-out for Post 9/11 Cults New California Media Paolo Pontoniere
February 26, 2002 Leaders Assess Impact of New French Religion Law Baptist Press News Service Mike Creswell
February 25, 2002 Under Suspicion: Faith in France CBN News George Thomas
February 23, 2002 Scientologists face Paris ban BBC News  
February 22, 2002 French court asked to ban Paris Scientology church (link
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Prosecutor urges court to evict Church of Scientology from Paris Associated Press  
February 21, 2002 Church of Scientology in court to defend itself against charges of attempted fraud (link
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Associated Press  
France Puts Scientology on Trial Guardian UK Jon Henley




December 2001
December 14, 2001 French Government's "Anti-Cult Missionaries" Try to Export Anti-Cultism into Lithuania Baltic News Service  
September 2001
September 4, 2001 No sects, please - we're French  (Traduction française) Montreal Gazette Susan Palmer
August 2001
August 9, 2001 Church of Scientology sues French state over anti-sect law Agence France Press  
Church of Scientology files complaint against France's anti-sect law Associated press  
July 2001
July 22, 2001 France's anti-cult law undermines religious-liberty rights (column) Charles Haynes
July 12, 2001 French 'sect lists' criticized in House hearing Washington Times Larry Witham
Congress Focuses On Religious Persecution In France CNS News Christine Hall
July 10, 2001 China's French Connection Washington Post Joseph A. Bosco
July 9, 2001 Congressman Assails French Law on Sects Reuters Paul Holmes
July 3, 2001 France joins list of religious-liberty violators Zenit  
June 2001
June 28, 2001 Violation de la liberté religieuse: la France au 6ème rang, la Chine en tête (French) Agence France Presse  
June 18, 2001 Paws for Thought (column) Hong Kong Time Maria Cheng
June 17, 2001 In defence of Woolheads (column) The Independent  
June 12, 2001 Cult crackdown called extreme The Globe and Mail, Toronto Michael Valpy
June 04, 2001 French Anti-Sect Law: Christian Lawyers Prepare For Action CNS News Patrick Goodenough
June 01, 2001 France arms itself with legal weapon to fight sects Guardian Unlimited Jon Henley
Civil Rights Groups Knock French Anti-Cult Law ( does not work anymore) Cox Washington Newspapers Bert Roughton Jr.
May 2001
May 31, 2001  French Christians Fear Ramifications Of Anti-Sect Law CNS News Patrick Goodenough
New anti-sect law adopted in France (link
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Irish Times  
May 29, 2001 New French anti-sect law attacked as abuse of human rights AFP  
May 25, 2001 Probe urged on French sect list Washington Times Larry Witham
May 22, 2001 Two Christian leaders criticise the new anti-cult draft law. Mgr. Billé and Pastor de Clermont sent a joint letter to Lionel Jospin Le Monde Xavier Ternisien
May 10, 2001 La France s'apprête à adopter une loi anti-secte controversée Le Temps Patricia Briel
May 1, 2001 Anti-cult law in France: Washington concerned Agence France Press  




November 2000
November 10, 2000 French Anti-Cult Law: 'Senators hear objections to the offence of 'mental manipulation Le Monde  
October  2000
October 24, 2000 Scientologists protest against French attitude towards Church" Associated Press  
October 9, 2000 Hatch Calls for Renewed Protection Of Religious Freedom Worldwide Salt Lake Tribune Kevin Cantera
September 2000
September 16, 2000 Already Passed by the Assembly, the Anti-Cult Law is Criticized by the Churches  (Version  française) Le Monde Xaver Ternisien
August 2000
August 10, 2000 Religious Groups Criticize French Sect Proposal" Religion News Service  
July 2000
July 20, 2000 France's Anti-Sect Bill could hinder Religious Freedom" (column) Worthy News Willy Fautre
July 14, 2000 French forget lesson of Bastille Day USA Today  
July 14, 2000 French 'Cults Law' Draws Fire From Religious Groups CNS  
July 5, 2000 Rights groups fear French cult bill would curb religious liberty Newsroom  
June 2000
June 25, 2000 Churches in France oppose anti-cult law UK-Independent John Lichfield
June 28, 2000 French proposal targets 'proselytizing' Washington Times Larry Witham
June 22, 2000 France moves to outlaw cults BBC News