The Anti-Cult Movement

The French Anti-Cult Law


(Partial list for now of) sources used for this series of page on the French Anti-Cult Law

(1) French Christians Fear Ramifications Of Anti-Sect Law
(2) France Cracking Down on Cults
(3) French Anti-Cult Law (May 30, 2001): English Translation, with Notes
(4) C.H. Rolph 'Believe What You Like'
(5) Legal aspects in regulation of freedom of conscience (link doesn't work anymore)
(6) New French anti-sect law attacked as abuse of human rights
(7) Cult crackdown called extreme
(8) Probe urged on French sect list
(9) Violation de la liberté religieuse: la France au 6ème rang, la Chine en tête
(10) Civil Rights Groups Knock French Anti-Cult Law ( link does not work anymore)
(11) French Government's "Anti-Cult Missionaries" Try to Export Anti-Cultism into Lithuania
Baltic News Service. December 14, 2001
(12) Under Suspicion: Faith in France
CBN News February 25, 2001

(and more but still to index)