The Anti-Cult Movement

The French Anti-Cult Law


1995 : National Assembly creates committee to investigate cults
December 23, 1995 : 16 adepts of the Temple Solaire die in Vercor
January 10, 1996 : "Cults in France", first report of the committee to investigate cult. Includes a laundry list of 172 allegedly dangerous cults.
October 7, 1998 : French decree establishing an "Inter-ministerial Mission to Fight Againt Cults"
June 22, 2000 : National Assembly approves the Law
May 3, 2001 : French Senate approves the anti-cult law in its amended text. It is now enough that a cult (or its de facto leader/s) has been found guilty once (as opposed to "repeatedly", as per the previous text) of a serious crime in order for it to be banned. On the other hand, the possibility for the cities to forbid "cultic" activity within a 200-meter radius from a public building has disappeared from the text.
May 22, 2001 : Letter from the two main leaders of the Catholic and Protestant Churches of France to Prime Minister Lionel Jospin to protest the law
May 30, 2001 : Law passed by the French House