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Subject: Ted Patrick's Violent Methods
Date: 1998/01/10
Author: Diane Richardson


This post contains quotes from Ted Patrick's own book, "Let Our Children Go!" (E. P. Dutton, 1976). In this message, I will include excerpts from Patrick's accounts of his abductions, which he calls "snatches." I'd like Pamela Fitzpatrick, in particular, to note that I'm presenting material written by an "anti-cult activist," NOT by a "cult apologist." I welcome her to find a drop of compassion or sensitivity to these "cult victims" in anything Patrick has written.


page 73

"The back door opened. It was now or never. I flung back the blanket and found myself staring into Pam Collins' very amazed face.

"There was a frozen instant. Then she gasped, 'Kidnap!' and started to back away. But her mother was behind her and pushed her hard, and I got my arms around her shoulders and sucked her in on top of us like a vacuum cleaner--whoosh!--and she vanished inside. Immediately her boyfriend piled in on top of her, or tried to, and I remember thinking even in the middle of all the action what a pity it was that his father had not been interested in rescuing him because I could have had him too. As it was, I had to get rid of him, so I kicked him in the stomach and he went reeling back and Mrs. Collins tripped him and sent him sprawling.

"In the meantime, Danny was mixing it up with three of the other large dudes, clipping one in the jaw with his feet, and Macing two of the others. Fortunately the three girls did not get themselves together in time to do anything. They just stood back and shrieked.

"Collins fought his way around to the driver's seat, and shouted to Danny to get in. Mrs. Collins had already made it back [p. 74]
inside. Holmes and I were wrestling with Pam who was screaming her head off. I was sitting up by this time and saw people running from the house, and one of the dogs sprinting towards us. Danny decked Pam's boyfriend with his fist, and dove in just as the first of the German shepherds arrived and lunged at the door, banging against it as Danny swung it shut, and we went rolling off down the hill, leaving a scene of great confusion and disruption behind."

[p. 96]

"But Wes was wary, and he balked at getting in the car. 'No,' he said, 'we can talk right here.'

"Suddenly Lockwood grabbed the boy without warning and hurled him headfirst into the front seat. It was perfect. 'Come on,' I yelled to Alan and we went charging out.

"Wes was grappling with his father, and beginning to yell. Alan went running around to the passenger's side and opened the door. I was right behind him. Then what I was worried about happened. Alan, who was shocked to see the awful change in his nephew's appearance, momentarily froze. He just stood there with the door open and Wes came bolting out into the street next to the car, shrieking and waving his arms, yelling at the top of his voice, 'Help! Help! They're kidnapping me.  Call the police! Help me!'

"Alan quickly recovered his wits and began wrestling with Wes, but Wes was now impossible to handle. Lockwood started the car. Traffic was piling up, coming to a halt, people gawking. A crowd was collecting on the sidewalk. A woman was screeching.

"Wes had taken up a position facing the car, with his hands on the roof and his legs spread-eagled. There was no way to het him inside while he was braced like that. I had to make a quick decision. I reached down between Wes's legs, grabbed him by the crotch and squeezed--hard. He let out a howl, and doubled up, brabbing for his groin with both hands. Then I hit, shoving him headfirst into the back seat of the car and piling in on top of him."

More to come . . . .

Diane Richardson

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