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Battlefield Earth

Subliminal Claims



Subliminal messages is one of these myths that taps on atavic fears and superstitions to suggest a subconscious and pernicious influence that would send you starving for whatever product or ideology that is being promoted. Like for other myths of its kind, a correlation between the said messages and any behavior that would indicate the suggestions had any influence at all never could be established. While the intent of those who may try to use these techniques is certainly unethical, and even illegal, the effect it has on the spectator’s mind has proven to be about as effective as the effect chamanic dances have on the weather.

But, wait ! Subliminal messages DO have an effect. They can be used as a tool to instill fear and distrust against a group you want to disparage. If a professional actor and a prominent member of such a group decides to make a film based on the fictional writing of his guru, just hint about the fact that the film may contain subliminal messages. Weather true or not, the suggestive power of this idea alone may help you bring the effect you want. Even better : come up with an anonymous and undisclosed witness who pretends that he heard about such a plan from the very mouth of the evil and sinister leaders of this group. It would give you the opportunity to spread your fear-mongering rumors around, suggesting that it is more than a rumor.

This is exactly what Larry Wollersheim and a few other anti-cultists did with Battlefield earth, the film based on L. Ron Hubbard’s novel and brought on screen by John Travolta, one of the most prominent Scientology celebrities.

For weeks preceding the release of the film, Wollersheim, via Factnet, pretended to have « credible » information to the effect that the film was replete with new generation « undetectable » subliminal messages promoting Scientology and trashing psychiatry. He suggested this might create « serious long-term psychological harm and eventual physical harm to millions of unsuspecting, vulnerable children and young adults » as they would be subconsciously indoctrinated and recruited by the Church of Scientology.

Wollersheim and others sent their alarmist messages to internet forums, film critics, the local media, theater owner, newspapers, Warner Brothers, child protection agencies, science fiction newsgroups, Christian Youth organizations, advocacy organizations, the Screen Actors Guild, The American Psychiatric Association, etc… You name it. They also called on the CIA, United Nations governments, US Attorney General Janet Reno, and the US congressmen and women of the U.S. house and senate for an immediate intervention to stop release of the the film.

You think I am making this up ? Just check for yourself. All the evidences, with the relevant links, are posted below.

This, of course, is by no mean the unique instance where anti-cultists have resorted to scary superstitions and unsubstantiated allegations to try and recruit new adherents to their cause. They have used the mind-control myth in the 70’s and 80’s to justify their crusade of kidnapping and violent indoctrination, participated in the now debunked satanic cult scare, launched unfounded accusations of child abuses against cult members, etc.

The subliminal allegations are of the same sort. Except for one thing. The credibility of anti-cultists have suffered serious blows as their previous schemes eventually revealed themselves for what they where : prejudiced, unfair, and unfounded fear-mongering suggestions of sinister intent that existed nowhere else than in anti-cultists’ mind. Already regarded as a sort of cult unto themselves by informed authorities, the courts, and academics, anti-cultists slowly gain the same reputation among the media. Their claim of subliminal messages in Battlefield Earth were regarded with skepticism by these later, and entirely ignored, as well as it should, by Warner Bross themselves and the other organization they tried to involve.

Not only did the film come out, it was also shown on more than 3,000 screens around the States. The «undetectable new technology in subliminal » proved to be either ineffective or non-existant. More likely the later. The film was a complete flop. Film critics shredded it into pieces. In a week time, it still didn't’t make enough money to cover the $20 millions invested by Warner Bros for its promotion, not speaking of course of any of the estimated $50 to $80 it took to make « one of the worst film of the century », as it has been called by some film critics.

But the biggest victim of this flop may not be the CoS, who always claimed the film was nothing else than mindless amusement and being uninvolved in its making. The biggest victim on the long term, may be anti-cultists, whose frantic but unsuccessful campaign of trying to convince the press and the public as to the existence of subliminal influence within the film as turned about as ridiculous as the film itself.

New York Times Article


May 11, 2000

`Battlefield Earth': Film Dogged by Links to Scientology Founder


HOLLYWOOD, May 10 -- The anticult networks are kicking up a fuss. Discussion on Internet movie sites is picking over the potentially sinister implications. Anonymous e-mails are whizzing around the country charging that, among other things, subliminal messages are being used to recruit unsuspecting moviegoers.


The makers of the film and its distributors maintain that "Battlefield Earth" has nothing whatever to do with the Church of Scientology and that it is intended to be nothing more than a big summer adventure, devoid of subterfuge.

But several anticult Web sites have posted warnings about the film in recent months that contain numerous charges. For example Cultwatch and Factnet say that the film carries subliminal messages meant to lure people into Scientology, that the film was secretly financed by Scientology, and that Scientology plans recruiting efforts to coincide with the movie's release.


Are there subliminal messages in the movie? "There are none," Ms. Drazen said.

Subliminal messages, visual or audio snippets inserted into a film so rapidly that the mind does not consciously register them, are believed by some to create a kind of hypnotic suggestion. Research, however, has repeatedly failed to show that subliminal messages have any such effect.


Factnet Original Message


[Mar 24, 2000]


The reason Warner Brothers may be forced to halt distribution is a new allegation that the movie contains sophisticated subliminal messages designed to get you into the cult of Scientology.


The following information was provided to F.A.C.T.Net by individual(s) we deem to be credible and who had direct and/or indirect access to Scientology's highest executive circle and its most sensitive information concerning the Battlefield Earth project.


It was suggested that the only way to guarantee results was to secretly put subliminal messages in the film as or after it was being created. Messages were discussed such as: "Buy the Dianetics book," "Find out about Scientology now," and one that put everyone into stitches, "Hate psychiatry, psychiatrists, and drug companies."

Someone (I did not know who) apparently had already been researching using Subliminals. This person said that they could buy the ability to imbed images and messages within other images from some foreign advertising companies who had mastered it. They said they also had access to some eastern bloc government research which detailed new ways to imbed subliminal messages into video, in which the messages simply could not be found without detailed knowledge of these specific imbedding techniques.

There was a heated discussion about this being illegal and that if we got caught it would be another disaster. Miscavige insisted that the urgency of the times made the risk worth the reward and that if we did it right we would not get caught. We also felt the risk was low because nobody was actively screening for subliminals anymore. The laws and the public outcry against it were 30 years old. Finally it was decided to go ahead with using subliminals, because we controlled the film content, we would control production security, and we would have trusted Scientology members in the key areas necessary to get it done.


If the allegations concerning use of subliminals in this film are true, immediate government intervention is required to protect the public from serious harm. These subliminals would not be the kind outlawed 30 years ago that sought to get you to buy more candy and soda during a movie intermission. This would be a much more sophisticated third or forth generation subliminal program so well hidden it would take the best experts in the field in top national intelligence agencies to even find it.

In the circles still researching these techniques for unethical political or financial manipulation, it is generally well-known that the technology of subliminal messaging has achieved a level at which it is impossible or close to impossible to uncover the subliminals without having already mastered this super-secret technology. Wilson Bryan Key, Ph.D., author of the Age of Manipulation (Henry Holt, 1989), was asked about the feasibility of using an undetectable new technology in subliminals. He provided the following insight: "It is very difficult, if not impossible, to protect yourself from subliminal manipulation. If any movie is produced with a hidden ideological agenda, the effects could be devastating."

If the allegations are true, the subliminals would not be aimed at selling candy and soda, but at turning your neighborhood theater into a recruiting center for an extremist political cult with an anti-Christian, UFO cosmology and a history of criminality, child abuse, and other human rights violations. Steven Hassan M.Ed., a leading cult expert and licensed mental health counselor, told us: "I have helped many people understand and recover from their involvement with Scientology. I am very worried that the movie Battleship Earth starring John Travolta might be a powerful vehicle for recruiting masses of people into this destructive cult. And I call on all United Nations governments to do their utmost to investigate this movie and protect their citizens from potential harm."

At F.A.C.T.Net we are concerned too! If proven true, the allegations of subliminal advertising embedded in Battlefield Earth designed to recruit children and advance hatred of psychiatry, would not just mean movie-goers would be paying $8 to view a cult propaganda film. It would not just be the greatest fraud in film history ever perpetrated on film fans and theater owners. It would mean potential serious long-term harm to hundreds of thousands of children and ultimately their families.

What you can do

1.) F.A.C.T.Net needs your help to increase public awareness and dialogue concerning these allegations of dangerous and illegal subliminal advertising in Battlefield Earth. Following proper Internet etiquette, please forward this editorial opinion to your local media (particularly movie critics), to your local theater owners, to child protection agencies, to science fiction newsgroups, and to Christian youth organizations.

2.) Also please contact Warner Brothers at 818-954-6217and demand that they halt distribution of the film until properly qualified and fully independent outside government professionals (at a CIA level) can carefully examine the film master and determine if the film contains subliminals.

3.) If Warner fails to immediately do this voluntarily, please also contact the director of the CIA (or other national intelligence agencies, for foreign readers) and ask that top experts in subliminal messaging immediately examine the film master.

Factnet leaflet



Lawsuits could be flying soon surrounding allegations that a dangerous cult allegedly helped finance the new Travolta movie, “BattleField Earth” and placed sophisticated subliminal messages in the film to surreptitiously recruit viewers into their cult. Since the allegations broke just days ago, many theater owners worldwide have had copies of the “BattleField Earth” allegations sent to their legal departments. For these theater owners, there are now many legal and other questions to be resolved.


If the allegations about “BattleField Earth” are true and they show the film, they could also be held liable if someone is recruited into the cult and harmed because of the way the film (shown by them) is allegedly being used for surreptitious cult recruiting. If theaters suffer a loss of income because the public avoids the film due to its association with the Scientology cult, will theater owners be entitled to compensation from Warner Brothers because Warner’s due diligence should have discovered these issues and should have disclosed these allegations and the controversy to theaters BEFORE they booked “BattleField Earth.”

Now that many theater owners have been informed of the allegations, are they also potentially liable unless they do their own due diligence or receive assurances or indemnification from Warner Brothers that the allegations are not true? In addition to the legal questions, theater owners must also now struggle with local public relations issues and moviegoer confidence should allegations this serious be proven true…

A Non-profit family protection organization demands Warner Brothers makes an immediate public statement on the “BattleField Earth” allegations.

Factnet, one of the largest Internet libraries and archives on mind control and unethical influence, is, by and through this editorial, demanding that Warner Brothers executives step forward immediately and assure the movie viewing public, theater owners and movie critics that they are not going to become victims of a dangerous fraud. Further, Factnet demands that Warner Brothers perform a thorough due diligence investigation of the following credible allegations and publicly state that the allegations below are absolutely not true and without any basis in fact whatsoever.

[Snip allegations of subliminal messages, financing of the film by the CoS, that the CoS will launch special recruiting campaign, that sales of the novel was inflated, that the CoS is involved in the movie at every levels...]

Warner Brothers has a moral and legal obligation to ensure moviegoers and parents feel safe at their neighborhood theater and not have to worry about fending off the surreptitious schemes of cult recruiters. Subliminal advertising was made illegal over 30 years ago.

Because the pubic safety is at risk Factnet demands Warner come forward immediately and publicly answer all the above allegations!

To help promote investigation and dialog Factnet thanks all the individuals who have been forwarding the editorials on these issues to movie critics, child protection agencies and theater owners all over the world.

Wollersheim complains that his allegations is being ignored


[Mar 29, 2000]

We have been inundated with requests for additional information on the allegations surrounding the Scientology cult's involvement in the BattleField Earth movie.

[snip why the withness stays anonymous, how vicious is Scientology, usual stories about harassment, etc.]

Even hardened government law enforcement agents have asked off of Scientology cases because of fear of retaliation against themselves and their families.

Receiving this type of information is not a rare occurrence with our organization.


If it potentially can prevent others from suffering, over the years I have learned to gladly take whatever credible information people can give and abide by the conditions under which it was

[replace the word "credible" above with "damaging" and you'll be closer to the truth.]

What has happened since we broke the story...

Factnet has been under an accelerated virus attack that has affected our computers and email capabilities so much so that I have removed the main administrative computer from the net until we can upgrade its security protection beyond standard hacking protections and the Mcaffee/Norton virus checkers that we were updating nearly daily. Scientology's private investigators and intelligence people have also become very active again playing their usual mind games in the city in which Factnet is located.

[Mind games?]

In closing, I do believe the allegations of Factnet's editorial opinion to be so credible as to demand further investigation and dialog.

[Factnet believes Factnet editorial opinion credible.]

I wish to reemphasizes that it is now also up to anyone potentially effected by the harm that could result should the allegations prove true to demand that Warner Brothers immediately submit the original film master to a high level government intelligence agency so they can use their advanced subliminal messaging knowledge and technology to prove or refute the allegations (of advanced subliminal advertising embedded in the Scientology film BattleField Earth.)

It is my impression and belief from what has been stated in the earlier Factnet editorial that Scientology's unlimited deep pockets intentionally bought the best subliminal technology that exists anywhere in the world today, only and specifically, because it was all but undetectable to only the very, very few who had access to these advances in subliminal messaging.

It is my further opinion Scientology truly believed they could get away with it just for that reason. Consequently, any statement by Warner Brothers that the film has no embedded subliminal messaging without voluntarily having it examined at the before mentioned government level is meaningless and a mere diversion to their legal due diligence responsibilities to inspect the film to and at the level it was created.

And finally, to be socially and legally responsible to moviegoers, movie critics and theater owners Warner must address all the other serious allegations concerning BattleField Earth stated in the Factnet editorial.

Factnet tries to involved advocacy organizations.


[Apr 14, 2000]

Three weeks have passed since F.A.C.T.Net, a non profit organization, broke the story surrounding allegations that the movie "Battlefield Earth," staring John Travolta and distributed by Warner Brothers, may contain sophisticated subliminal advertising designed by the cult Scientology, to recruit viewers into their cult and influence them to reject psychiatry and other mental health organizations. (Go to www.factnet.org and see the Editorial called "Warner forced to halt distribution of Travolta film, Battlefield Earth?" for all allegation details.) F.A.C.T.Net posted a formal request in numerous public forums, the original of which was sent to Warner Brothers, asking them to make a public statement on the "Battlefield Earth" subliminal advertising allegation as well as other serious allegations surrounding the films' release. Warner Brothers has remained publicly silent.

Because of this failure to answer the allegations, F.A.C.T.Net has just forwarded a request to the boards of the leading advocacy organizations to seek their assistance in convincing Warner Brothers to immediately and publicly answer all the allegations listed at the end of this document. (See copy of request at end of this document.) Additionally, due to the severe harm that threatens the general public should the allegations prove true, F.A.C.T.Net formally requests that Warner Brothers disclose all the specific due diligence procedures it used to verify or refute each allegation.

The organizations that F.A.C.T.Net has asked to intervene in the Warner Brothers refusal to answer the allegations include:

The Motion Picture Association of America The Screen Actors Guild American and International Theater Owners Associations The American Psychiatric Association World Psychiatric Association National Mental Health Association The Child Welfare League of America Other leading Advocacy groups for Mental Health, Children and young adults.

Six weeks passed. Wollersheim is now completely bezerk.


[May 5, 2000]

No new movie has ever received such widespread pre-release bad press as the new John Travolta film, “Battlefield Earth,” distributed by Warner Brothers and premiering May 12, 2000. Although critics predict the movie will be a box office disaster, a dreadful film and will produce a flurry of lawsuits, it is not those issues, which are causing the really bad press. Nor is it the fact that Tom Cruise a former Scientology celebrity and former Scientology promoter has personally warned Warner Brothers against distributing the film. It is the manner in which John Travolta and Warner Brothers continue to insult the intelligence and integrity of movie critics around the world by their steadfast refusal to answer and disclose the due diligence they used to verify or refute the credible “Battlefield Earth” allegations below:

[snip undetectable subliminal messages; Scientology financing the film and directly involved; recruiting schemes, unsuspecting children, bla bla, bla..]

Six weeks after these allegations were first disclosed, Warner Brothers has still failed to publicly respond in a sincere and forthright manner nor have they addressed the seriousness of the allegations in relation to public safety.

[snip scieno infiltrating government, felonies, vicious intelligence agency "that rivals in budget and scope those of many world governments", bla bla bla]

Is it a contempt for movie critics, movie patrons and theater owners that motivates Warner’s silence or are Warner’s top executives somehow allied in collusion with the dark agenda of this bizarre cult? Does Warner and Travolta believe they can simply ignore movie critics demands for pre-release screenings and independent review of the movie master without it having a major impact on the films release?


The non-profit organization F.A.C.T.Net asks U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and the congressmen and women of the U.S. house and senate to intervene. The allegation of subjecting tens of millions of U.S. movie
audiences to fourth generation subliminal messaging is serious.


John Travolta has every right to promote his cult’s occult anti-Christian, anti-mental health ideology and this right is protected by the U.S. constitution. However, John Travolta does not have the right to use subliminal messaging to promote his cult’s recruiting agenda or its anti-mental health positions. He also does not have the right to covertly attempt to influence his movie audience’s ideas by publicly promoting “BattleField Earth” as entertainment and pure science fiction when he knows that from its very inception the film it was always intended to be a cleverly veiled new Scientology recruiting and propaganda weapon.


It could mean serious long-term psychological harm and eventual physical harm (where individuals were successfully recruited into the cult) to millions of unsuspecting, vulnerable children and young adults not to mention the loss and pain for their families, friends and employers.


Warner Brothers has failed to assure moviegoers and parents that, while watching “Battlefield Earth,” they and their children are safe and do not
have to fend off the surreptitious recruiting schemes of the menacing cult of Scientology. The U.S. government and governments wherever this film is shown must now intervene.

Anti-Critic Disclaimer.

A web site that Factnet has been referencing in support to his claims of subliminal persuation had to put a disclaimer to dissociate itself with such claims.

(Link does not work anymore)

Authors note: Recently I have been contacted by several people wanting to use this article and other reversals I have found on "Phenomenon" to bolster an argument that Scientology are using subliminal programming in this and other publications. I do not believe this to be the case! What you are seeing is the Reverse Speech phenomenon in action and it occurs in all forms of human speech. The deliberate "backmasked" section on Peter Gabriel's song is a common recording trick used by many artists for special effects. There is nothing sinister in this at all. To those people wanting to use this as an arguement, I say the same thing to you as I said to the fundamentalist christians when they went ballistic over reversed messages in rock and roll songs. Look at your own speech and publications before you jump to rapid judgement at others. You will find the same messages in your speech as you claim others are deliberately putting into theirs. Reverse Speech is everywhere - in the goodies as well as the baddies. It is a natural function of language, no more and no less. (DJO 4/2000)



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