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Ursula Caberta
Renate Hartwig

Ursula Caberta and Renate Hartwig are two very active German Scientology critics. For some reasons, they don't seem to agree on the way the "fight against Scientology" should be conducted. Apparently, Renate Hartwig is being attacked by Ursula Caberta and other anti-cultists (which for me is a sign that Hartwig must be doing something right). In an open letter to Bob Minton, Hartwig writes: 

I am a victim of this critic sect, which honoured you, Mr Minton, with a human right price! And again your longtime companion, Ms Stacy Brooks, can explain to you what I mean with "enemy annihilation"! She was long enough in Scientology, in order to be able to tell to you, what that means there!

I experienced it! However, now from both sides! And in a so perfidious kind, that the procedure of the office conductor Ursula Caberta exceeds that of Scientology by far!

Renate Hartwig also won several legal injunctions against Ursula Caberta.

If you read German, you can read the open letter on Renate Hartwig's website, together with plenty of others documents. You can also check the long petition Hartwig have launched against Caberta, supported by 500 pages of evidences.

Most of what I know on this topic comes from a thread in ARS which is, by itself, interesting for another reason: the zeal with which certain critics will defend their anti-cult "icon" (here Ursula Caberta) and the dishonesty with which they will do so. Just as what happened in the Paulette Cooper threat.

Here is the post that started it all. The letter is *very* long and since I don't understand German enough to judge, can't say whether its somewhat disjoncted style is due to the original or to the translation. However, reading through should give one enough of an idea and if you read german, I would certainly advise to check out the origina instead.


Bodo Staron <bodo@staron.de>

Thu, 7 Jun 2001 18:58:31 +0200:

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Open letter from Renate Hartwig to Bob Minton - rough translation
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Taken from
> http://www.directreport.de/artikel.shtml?id=0100028 (link does not work anymore)
For me, more than disturbing.

Human right price - Committee - courage toward controversy:
Mr Minton, you take over!

Open letter to the millionaire Bob Minton

Hello Mister Minton,

Ursula Caberta, head of the office of the „Arbeitskreise Scientology“ of the Hamburg interior senate, considered the Laudatio as a winner of the Alternative Karlspreises in the year 2000 for you with the award of the prize in Leipzig. It was certainly a touching day for you!

Unfortunately it was not possible for me to comprehend the conversation date projected by you and Mrs. Brooks through an ex-Scientologist during your stay in Hamburg. Also, at my trips into the USA the appointment book was so narrow that a visit was not possible in your LMT! Now, in Miami I found out that you have also your problems of course. You are revered as a "multimillionaire" in the so-called critic rings. You are supposed to have had your own experiences with financial requests onto you. Your longtime companion, Ms Stacy Brooks, can explain surely to you, as one in Scientology defines unpleasant beings - speaking of: "Body Thetans"! To me it seems, spoken graphically, also stick some persons at you! However, Mister Minton, you know surely, that it matches in the nature of the thing that millionaires have many so-called friends.

Now for my request: On 10th June 2001 will be a further award of the prize in Leipzig. This years winner is the former Federal Minister Dr. Norbert Bluem. With you, it was Mrs Caberta which held the laudatio at your award of the prize. She is also member of the European America citizen committee for human rights and religion freedom in the USA.

Now I rise a some sensitive topic: I find it extremely embarrassing, that the woman that held your Laudatio, that sits in a such important, provided with large words committee, and have a leading function in the Hamburg Interior senate, is embedded in such financial difficulties!

You were really already so friendly and gave Ms Caberta a helping hand with a generous loan. Perhaps it is possible to expand this loan. Because there is a problem again.

You know surely of the court procedures that I was forced against Ms Caberta. I had to complain through several instances against Ms Caberta. It was a question of defamation, bad slanders and subordination. I know, embarrassing, however, but what I should I have done? She made it to her aim in life, to character assassinate me, at all possible times! How to defend myself if not with legal tools? That is how it works in a constitutional state! As an American you know that one can only defend so. Law of the jungle is also proscribed in the USA! You too complained recently against the Scientology organization in Germany. A lot of applause was bestowed on your procedure in the scene which reveres you.

I do not expect at all that my successes before court are annotated positively by this scene. Because, Mister Minton, exactly the woman that held your Laudatio, manifestatives an enemy picture against me since years, that stands contrarily to that, what I mean by "Human rights"!

Mister Minton, a question to you as the winner of 2000, to you as an American! What means freedom for you? What law? What do human rights mean for you? Are there different ways of slander, bad slander, abusing-criticism, character assassination with the destination to annihilate the opponent? Where is the difference between a lawsuit, that you open against the Scientology organization and I against a Ms Caberta, Hamburg senate employee in leading position? Do the facts not remain the same one? Slander remains slander?

Now it looks like this that according to my evidences, that a Ms Caberta, can do by far more than a Scientologist without being pulled for the account. Now it becomes tricky! And I think, you know what I mean! In my case, the judges still certified that it is not a question of Ursula Cabertas judgement, but exclusively about the slandering and defaming!

Mr Minton, and now? Is something like this also written in the judgment obtained by you against Scientology in Berlin? Do we talk now about right once again? From human right? You do not want to explain now to me that there is a difference between a procedure against Scientology and a procedure against a Ms Caberta?

Both respondents defamed! Therefore? Why the one is hyped against Scientology by a champagne expert scene, the other one against Caberta hushes up? Is this justice? When, which one? Or is there a difference between the events?

You do not mean now, because it was a question with your procedure of Scientology and at my around a Hamburg senate employee? Such a thinking would be really fatal! If you thought something like that as a winner of a human right price! Because otherwise we would have to discuss publicly now what human rights mean to you and to the committee before the new award of the prize!

Perhaps also alike, when explanation exposes and becomes the farce! Or for the alibi function of a dark scene! However, also about whether this years medal carrier Dr. Norbert Bluem is informed about the backgrounds of this scene!

We must discuss it publicly, because there is it, the difference!

The scene of your German-speaking supporters, the same people that are on a congratulation list, as well as to minimize the costs for the award ceremony, do difference there very precise.

They conceal and hush the actions that appertain to the clan of the experts; Group dynamics catches! All which runs onto hypocrisy, falseness, envy and malevolence, intrigues, annihilation strategies and character assassination in this scene, all is swept under the carpet!

I am a victim of this critic sect, which honoured you, Mr Minton, with a human right price! And again your longtime companion, Ms Stacy Brooks, can explain to you what I mean with "enemy annihilation"! She was long enough in Scientology, in order to be able to tell to you, what that means there!

I experienced it! However, now from both sides! And in a so perfidious kind, that the procedure of the office conductor Ursula Caberta exceeds that of Scientology by far! You read correctly, your celebration speaker for the human right price!

Because she hides herself behind her position. Is covered by authorities. Supported by politicians! Carried by people that explain sects, in spite of all her known actions that are far from all christianity onto which this scene places so big value!

Completely to be silent from the violation of the most elementary rights. How you deal then with these procedures, the machinations of a dark scene that is not called Scientology, but experts on the subject Scientology!

You know the valid judgment of the regional court Hamburg in the ZDF lawsuit against Caberta? Confirmed at the Hamburg regional court of appeal. No? Why not? The judgment reason should interest you as a medal carrier! For example the judges say, that the procedure of the Hamburger employee of the Interior senate, Caberta, against me is not compatible with the neutrality commandment of her position!

And still a very personal question: Why do ex-Scientologists ask me whether I give the LMT information in the USA? Information, that Mrs Brooks would like to have, that she could get it in fact much more easily from Ms Caberta. Yet due to the narrow cooperation?

Perhaps you address that all once, at the best with officials of the condition protection bureau. Because there, all which I express here is known! And still much more! I suspect that between you and the gentlemen from the service would not be any language barrier!

Why the bureaus knew about the machinations in the Caberta case, but never reacted, just kept silent, must be clarified! Yet because of not letting the constitutional state become a farce.

I did not know at all that you have a problem with so-called "scrap-immovables" in Germany. Oh, you do not have? The bill of the Mr Fuellmich onto your organization had other grounds! I would have wondered that you could be tricked into scrap immovables in Germany! I assume that you know that lawyer Fuellmich is in narrow cooperation with Mrs Caberta. You can look that up also in the ZDF judgment against Caberta. Oh, also in the two judgments that I obtained against lawyer Fuellmich!

And now too to my request: Would it be possible for you to increase the financial credit you already provided to Ms Caberta? Because she still hasn't paid a lapse judgment before the LG Duesseldorf from the assessment of costs decision AZ 12 0 219/00. The lawsuit gained by me at last. Whether it had to do now with the political problems of her ex-chief, Mr Wrocklage, is not known to me! My writing directed in person onto Mr Wrocklage with the facts was never answered!

We will see how the new service gentleman, inside senator Scholz, will evaluate the documents sent for the Caberta case! Perhaps more sober and dissociated from as a Mr Wrocklage. Maybe little less felts, especially as citizens-election is in September in Hamburg! One does not have to introduce him to his office head Caberta anymore, he knows her already from the political job in Altona!

To me is not either known, from which grounds an office as those ones of Ms Caberta can be "moved in an unknown way". Because writings of the court to the service address indicated by Ms Caberta came back with this note - moved in an unknown way -.

Now a so-called multi-purpose task of my attorneys was issued on 1st June 2001 to the Hamburg district middle court . Enforcement request, application for an oath-governmental insurance(?) and arrest application in the execution Hartwig against Caberta.

The postal address "Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Inneres Arbeitsgruppe Scientology, Eiffestrasse 664 B, 20537 Hamburg" is supposed to be correct according to bailiff.

It only goes around approx. DM 7000.- this time. Therefore, Mister Minton, it it would be once more possible that you help out your celebration speaker with a small loan?

Mister Minton, nevertheless the appearance must be preserved at least. Nevertheless you already helped out with a loan and with an invitation to Clearwater. In the year 2000, just suiting the date. Because with the PR-gag brought from the USA, Ms Caberta could hush up the ZDF judgment well against her, and feed the press with the pursuit against her in the USA. Bare good that your delegation was technically good equipped at the airport. Because so, the PR-machine could start in the Internet, perfectly for Ms Caberta! You are really a good friend!

Do you also help out now? With the lost, unpaid lawsuit costs of Ms Caberta! Because it is completely unserious, and what picture does it show of such such circles near the press and the public, when a committee member of the "European-American Citizen Committees for human rights and religion freedom in the USA" is confronted with such an application of the bailiff, shortly before the award of the prize 2001 onto the former Federal Minister Dr. Norbert Bluem!

The judgments did not disturb anybody, you also not, last year at your prize ceremony. There there were already two alone from me! Only now the bailiff comes into the Hamburg inside authority! Embarrassing, more than embarrassing! Slander, lose, and then not pay- I do not know !?

Therefore my call onto you - Mister Minton, you take over !

Renate Hartwig



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